How To Have Your Sex Cake and Eat It!

October 11th, 2012 § 0 comments

I read on Twitter the other day that the gay lover of John Travolta says the Pulp Fiction star is insatiable in bed. WTF! I got no problem with people switching sides but John Travolta? That’s defo way left field.

We all know John knows how to live. This is a man who has conquered the silver screen and scientology. He’s an experienced pilot and an ambassador for Qantas. He’s survived near total career death in the 80s and the tragic death of his son, Jett, in 2009.

He’s already quashed the accusations of one anonymous masseuse back in May 2012 who claimed that Travolta sexually assaulted him. It’s not the only accusation of assault in Travolta’s closet.

The thing is, can we imagine that the man who played Tony Manero, Danny Zuko and Vincent Vega might have the sexual appetite of a porn star on Viagra? Damn right we can. In short, Travolta’s got the kudos and the cojones to back up the bogus claims.

And this, ladies and gentlemen is the secret to bedding your sex cake and keeping leftovers for dessert … without spoiling your appetite or your reputation for that matter.

It’s all about ‘front.’ Pauly D would call it ‘swag’ but no matter how many Vegas venues the D Meister plays, he will always look like a slut. The reason why Travolta gets away with it is that he doesn’t play it up. He plays his swagger down which in effect means he gets away with having gay lovers, threesomes and whatever else tickles his wayward fancies.

I mean, is it possible that Travolta is the type of man who gets in from the office every day at seven, has Kelly fetch his slippers and enjoys a nice roast with the kiddles. Sure he does but every day? Very unlikely.

He’s the kind of man that refuses to be pinned down which is why him and Kelly have famously spent a bundle on marriage counselling. Somehow he manages to maintain a butter-wouldn’t-melt public façade while all the clues are there that he lives the life of a maverick sex stud.

According to Travolta’s alleged ‘ex-boyfriend’ the couple spent six years together and JT is the jealous type. Seemingly Travolta admitted that given the choice, he prefers men. Pop prattle or hardcore truth? Only those in the know, know but either way the idea is out there and no one really cares. It’s just another notch on Travolta’s impressive bedpost.

Throughout the heady accusations, JT has kept a low profile. In public Travolta is – dare I say? – demure. Behind closed doors who the hell knows what goes on in his feverish life. Hence, the key to having your sex cake and eating it lies in the ability to maintain an inconspicuous front. As Vincent Vega would say, you gotta be ‘cool.’


Note: Lawyer’s for Mr. J. Travolta dismiss all these ‘gay’ allegations as pulp fiction.





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